Introducing Our Weekly Crossword Puzzle

Written by Naeem Crawford-Muhammad, Editor-in-Chief

Each week, we will feature a new crossword puzzle on our website. All answers concern the law or NYU School of Law. The correct responses will be revealed next week. Enjoy!


5. Seven-time winner of the American Bar Association Top Law School Newspaper Award.
8. This New York City law firm claims former US Secretary of State William Seward as a co-founder.
9. Father of critical race theory.
10. Plaintiff suing to end use of race in university admissions.
12. Legal doctrine to determine choice of law that shares its name with a waterway in Upstate, NY.


1. Brown v. Board of Education was a collection of cases from Kansas, Virginia, South Carolina, and this state.
2. Civil procedure professor of law on leave with the Office of Legal Counsel.
3. Generating legal rules through judicial precedent.
4. This criminal law professor edits the leading casebook in the field.
6. NYU Law dropout who once wrote for The Daily Show.
7. Three initials that denote rules for both essay formatting and federal agencies.
11. Former dean who recently released a report on the environmental impact of coal plants.