SBA Debate: Meet the Candidates

Written by Naeem Crawford-Muhammad, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, March 29 at 6:00 pm in Vanderbilt Hall 220, The Commentator will host the first annual debate for the offices of Student Bar Association (SBA) president and vice president. Food and drinks will be provided.

SBA Treasurer Alexandra Serre ’17 will debate SBA Social Chair Evan Shepherd ’17 for the post of president of the Student Bar Association. And Class Representative George Harris ’18 will debate SBA Social Chair Samantha Coxe ’17 for the position of vice president of the Student Bar Association.

Debate questions will be determined by the Editorial Board of The Commentator and NYU Law students are invited to submit questions as well. Expected topics of discussion may include, among others, candidates’ plans to represent student voices in discussions concerning:

  • Tuition relief for Law School students;
  • Faculty and student diversity;
  • Campus climate and inclusion;
  • Student organization funding and administration;
  • Student journals and publications;
  • Academic course offerings and advising; and
  • The future of Coases and student-alumni communication.

Campaigning officially began today at 9:00 am. Elections will be held online from Wednesday, March 30 to Thursday, March 31.