NYU Law Fashion Week(ly)

Written by Ijeoma Eke, Lifestyle Editor | Photography by Ijeamaka Obasi

As we enter the home stretch on this school year, here are another set of three, fashionable NYU Law students. Stephanie LaGumina ’16, Femi Gbede ’16 (LLM), and Zahrah Devji ’16. As you know, we ask each student three questions:

1. How would you describe your style?

2. What, or who, inspires your style?

3. What is your favorite article of clothing?

Stephanie LaGumina

I think my style is polished, urban chic with a feminine edge. Most of the time I choose simple, flattering designs that I can make my own with fun accessories and statement pieces. I prefer a more elegant, sleek look (although usually not too formal) to an eccentric fashion look. But I don’t really follow any “rules.” I build outfits based on whatever I’m liking at the moment, even if it’s a more eccentric piece than I usually go for.
My family is Italian, and while I was growing up I would spend every summer in Italy outside of Rome. Even in the small towns there, people are very into keeping up with fashion trends. My personal style has been heavily influenced by the chic, feminine elegance of Italian fashion. I also take cues from my three sisters. They all have such different styles: one is very classic, one modern chic, and one very glamorous and adventurous. They inspire me to try new styles and be more creative in my fashion choices. We are always shopping in each other’s closets!
My favorite piece changes all the time! Right now I really love a necklace I found while traveling in Dubrovnik last summer. It’s unique and eye-catching without being a big statement piece. I wear it everyday.


Femi Gbede

[My style] is daring. It often “cross examines” conservatism.
The inspiration is organic; fashion happens everyday when I wake up.


I’ve been all about my hats lately. I like the way they bring my overall getup to life.


Zahrah Devji

I wear a lot of neutrals – greys, blacks and navy blues – but I like to add a bit of pop color or print with an accessory, to make it unique.
The minimalist chic of older generation French women. I think the key to mastering this French wardrobe is having a few key pieces that fit your body well and work with your personal style and then being able to repurpose them into different outfits. I’m in the process of implementing a 10-piece wardrobe for myself, carefully selecting 10 amazing pieces and being able to wear each in all different ways. I wear a lot of the same pieces in totally different outfits, but I’m definitely not down to 10 pieces yet… that’s the dream!
A silk scarf. It instantly dresses up a look and there are so many ways to wear it. I will often wear jeans and a black t-shirt and throw on a silk scarf to complete the look!

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