NYU Law Foodie’s Guide: What to Eat When You’re Gonna “Netflix and Chill”

Written by Katherine Tandler, Columnist

My last column was about how to put someone in the friend zone—so, of course, I got some calls for a column on where to go when you actually like someone. Irl the typical response would be where to take someone on a date. But, as someone who tends to assiduously avoid the forced intimacies and inevitable fiascoes associated with the dating scene, I have decided to focus on the popular Millennial alternative to a date: Netflix and Chill.

Here’s the situation: you were iso something to do so you invited someone over to “watch Netflix and chill.” It’s late in the evening for sure, but it’s also highly unlikely that person will arrive having downed a huge meal. So, don’t be a newb—you’ll probably want to have a good option on lock for after the “movie.” You know, midnight-snack style. Especially if there is going to be drinking involved.

Of course, the typical movie food is popcorn. But, as Netflix and Chill doesn’t necessarily involve an actual movie, imho actual popcorn is not required. If we were to change the hypo and you were going to eat before the “movie,” popcorn might be a good call. Reliable sources have shown that the smell of popcorn is an aphrodisiac, as is the scent of cheese pizza. See, e.g., How Stuff Works: Aphrodisiacs. But beware—consumption of both of these foods can result in very greasy hands and you don’t want your fellow movie lover to be all “nimby,” amirite?

Right off the bat I am going to have to veto Thai food. One word: peanuts. It’s just too risky with all the allergies floating around these days. Disobey and you’ll be the one spending the night in front of an ER waiting room TV watching C-SPAN instead of on your own couch watching Zombeavers with your date. If you do end up in the ER, look for me: I’ll be the one shaking my head in the corner like stby.

Sushi—also too risky, given the likelihood your partner doesn’t like it and the acute risk of food poisoning. Chinese? No way. When your date accidentally bites into a hot chili, spits it into their palm, then rubs their eye (or touches you somewhere sensitive) your Netflix and Chill sesh will be over faster than a kitten video going viral. And let’s not even talk about Mediterranean/falafel. Soggy pita late at night? That’s so ratchet.

Once you’ve ruled out pizza, Thai, sushi, Chinese, and falafel…I mean, what else is there to order around NYU? Tbh, I don’t really think you’re gonna want to wait around for Seamless to bring you something. If the movie is good, you’re gonna be hungry af afterwards and want something right away.

So, when in doubt, I refer you to my two heroes: Ben and Jerry. Everyone knows these two guys fill every pint with tlc. There are approximately 4,839,562 different flavors of ice cream in any given bodega (fwiw, B&J even make vegan ice cream now!). I would recommend getting multiple kinds in case your partner has a particular proclivity.

Mhoty! Go forth and chill!


Published by

The Commentator

The Commentator is the official student newspaper of New York University School of Law and a seven-time winner of the American Bar Association’s Top Law School Newspaper Award. Founded over 50 years ago in 1966 as a biweekly print publication, The Commentator was re-launched as an online newspaper in 2015.

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