NYU Law Fashion Week(ly)

Written by Ijeoma Eke, Lifestyle Editor | Photography by Ijeamaka Obasi

After a short wait, here is our next set of fabulous NYU Law students. Olivia Ensign ’16, Destiny Dike ’18, and Elvira Li ’17. We asked each student three questions:

1. How would you describe your style?

2. What, or who, inspires your style?

3. What is your favorite article of clothing?

Olivia Ensign ’16
[My inspiration comes from] the places I’ve lived. I’m all about mixing a California sundress with some Philly boots, and accessories inspired by the East Village.


[My style is] traditional silhouettes with statement pieces.

The necklace I’m wearing in these pictures is one of my favorites. I like the combination of rose quartz and gunmetal.
Destiny Dike ’18
I would describe my fashion style as Classic Without Boundaries. Using unique scarves, blouses, and jewelry to dress up essentials, such as cardigans and dresses, provides the structure of a classic outfit, but leaves plenty of room to add personal touches. Growing up in a strong Nigerian community has also created the inclination [in me] to put pieces together confidently, even if they don’t match in the traditional sense. If I can walk [outside] excited about what I have chosen to wear, then it is the perfect outfit.
[My inspiration is] my mother. When we’d go shopping, she’d ask three questions about any piece that caught our eyes: Is it unique (and not a trend)? Is timeless (and just as fashionable now as it will likely be in ten years)? Can it be mixed-and-matched with other clothing? If yes to all three, it was going in the basket.
[My favorite articles of clothing] are heels. Heels. And more heels. Wearing a pair of heels encourages us to stand taller, move more boldly, and strut just a little bit wilder. Having a down day? Throw on a pair [of heels] and be on top of the world. Well, at least by three inches.
Elvira Li ’17

I would describe my style as modern, chic, and sophisticated.
It’s hard to pinpoint a single source of inspiration since I like different things at different times. For spring/summer 2016, I love the designs of Jil Sander, Jacquemus, and The Row. I also follow bloggers on Instagram, such as Kaitlyn Ham.
I don’t have an all-time favorite, but my favorite category is probably earrings – I can’t get out the door without a pair of matching earrings.


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