Op-Ed: A New Voice for Disabled Students and Allies

Americans with disabilities comprise about 22 percent of the non-institutionalized population and 30-40 percent of people who are incarcerated. Disability is pervasive, yet all too often, it is forgotten in decision making by policymakers, professors, and peers.

A Survivor’s Reaction to Brock Turner’s Release

Last week Brock Turner was released from prison after serving three months of a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. I cried. I cried because after I was sexually assaulted in college, it took me over a year to want to be alive again.

Hamilton Taught Me That I Can Be an Excellent Lawyer and Be Myself

This summer I wrote Lin-Manuel Miranda a letter to thank him for his contribution to my legal education. I told him that his musical, Hamilton, taught me a lesson that is not taught in any law school classroom: we don’t need to deny who we are to be excellent.

Can the American Bar Association’s New Anti-Discrimination Rules Stop Donald Trump?

The American Bar Association’s (ABA) amended model ethics rule may create problems for lawyers advising Donald Trump on policies such as a temporary ban on immigrants from Muslim-majority nations. The new amendment to the ABA’s Model Rule 8.4 would make it professional misconduct to behave in ways an attorney knows or should reasonably know is harassment or discrimination on the basis of religion.