Op-Ed: Nasty Woman: Why This Republican is Swiping Left on Trump

So let me be the first to say: my party fucked up. Royally. We’ve made a mockery of this election; we’ve made a mockery of this country. We have paraded a racist, bigoted, womanizing Oompa Loompa in front of televisions and newspaper reporters worldwide and we have said, “Look world: this is who we are and this is what we have become.”

But this is not who I am.

Law Revue a Finalist in Above The Law Video Contest

NYU Law Revue is a finalist for Above The Law’s annual Law Revue Video Contest, with its submission, “Trevor Effin’ Morrison,” a parody of “Alexander Hamilton” from the hit Broadway show Hamilton. Voting ends April 27.

SBA Debate: Candidates Square Off on Eve of Election

Last night, The Commentator hosted the first-annual Student Bar Association (SBA) Debate. Vice presidential candidates Samantha Coxe ’17 and George Harris ’18 opened the debate, followed by presidential candidates Evan Shepherd ’17 and Alexandra Serre ’17.

SBA: Fall Ball to Be Moved Off-Campus

The Student Bar Association (SBA) has confirmed that this year’s Fall Ball will take place off of the New York University School of Law’s campus in October 2016. Although Fall Ball has historically been hosted in Vanderbilt Hall by the Office of Student Affairs, the SBA is in the process of reserving Terminal 5 for the event, according to an emailed statement from Evan Shepherd, SBA Social Chair.