Letter from the Editor: New York Voter Registration Deadline Looms

The New York State Board of Elections requires all voters who are registering by mail to have their registration forms postmarked by Friday, October 14 in order for the Board of Elections to receive the form for processing by Wednesday, October 19.

Letter from the Editor: The Commentator’s 50th Anniversary

Thank you for your ongoing support of The Commentator. This year promises to be a special year for us and happens to be our 50th anniversary. Founded five decades ago in 1966 as a weekly, print newspaper, The Commentator remains dedicated to bringing original content created by NYU Law students to the wider legal community.

Election 2016: Sanders Brings Record Crowds to Washington Square Park

Riding the momentum of a string of primary and caucus victories in his race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) addressed thousands of cheering supporters in New York City’s Washington Square Park on Wednesday night.

Election 2016: Bernie Sanders to Hold Rally in Washington Square Park

According to an official announcement from Bernie 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, the Democratic senator from Vermont will hold a rally in Washington Square Park’s main plaza at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13. 247 delegates will be allocated proportionately between Sanders and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in next week’s New York Democratic presidential primary.